TXP-20 - Ready To Ride, Ready to Win

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The Journey of Champions

The OSET 20 electric bike has an impressive track record when it comes to competition wins. Over the years, it has consistently demonstrated its superiority in various events, solidifying its reputation as the go-to electric bike for young riders.

The all new TXP-20 is looking to extend the legacy of this bike for years to come, showing the competition how Trials bikes should be made.

All New Motor

The OSET motor on the TXP-20 & TXP-24 uses a much higher specification sensor system, reading thousands of positions per revolution!

The result is a highly efficient and smooth power system:

  • Higher Performance & Power
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Better Cooling
  • Splined Sprocket Shaft
  • Removeable in 5 Minutes

OSET Designed Battery

OSET Lithium Battery packs combine more capacity & power with the latest tech available. Run time has increased to now power the bike continuously for up to three hours - that's a whole lot of distance you can cover.

  • 8% energy increase
  • Robust internal design with close tolerance cell holders.
  • Reinforced case for maximum strength and impact resistance.
  • IP67 rated for superior water protection.
  • Single twist connector for easy connection.
  • Integrated carry-handle.
  • Battery state of charge LED indicator.
  • On board diagnostic port.

Brushless Controller

The controller is an incredibly powerful ‘brain’, capable of making many thousands of calculations per second, and ’controlling’ the response of the bike. The new brushless drive system is a huge step up.

  • Sin wave Field Oriented Control (FOC).
  • Active Performance Stabilisation (APS).
  • Safety features including constant status monitoring.
  • ‘Plug-and-Play’ installation.
  • IP-67 for superior weather protection.
  • Alloy main casing with exposed fins for cooling


TXP 20 Trials.7


The TXP-20 has been designed from the ground up for competition Trials riding. Our dedication to every component can be seen throughout the bike.

Increased Power. More Control. Better Response.

TXP 20 Trials.9


Fit the included seat and you have a second bike ready to ride out for exploring, take on muddy trails and relax on the custom designed padded seat unit.

Power on and take a load off!

TXP 20 Trials.8


The TXP-20 is all about having fun! The extra power and lighter frame provides better rider agility opening up new and exciting places to ride.

Take it to the MAX!

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Go out, Xplore & Play

Enjoy the sounds of nature whilst riding in the wild - Be a part of it on the TXP-20 and TXP-24 range of OSET bikes.

TXP-20 Specifications

Weight Limit (Rider) 132.27 lbs (60 kg)
Wheelbase 42.71 in. (1085 mm)
Ground Clearance 10.03 in (255 mm)
Handlebar Height 36.61 in. (930 mm)
Front Peg Height 12 in (305 mm)
Weight (Trials) 89.72 lbs (40.7 kg)
Weight (Xplore/Play) 93.47 lbs (42.4 kg)
Seat Height (Trials) 20.66 in (525 mm)
Seat Height (Xplore/Play) 27.55 in (700 mm)
Frame Steel tubular frame, replaceable alloy sump plate.
Swingarm Steel with integrated chain tensioners and chain guide.
Suspension (Front) 125mm air sprung, with rebound & volume adjustment.
Suspension (Rear) 120mm air sprung, with rebound & volume adjustment.
Brakes Dual piston hydraulic disc, 180mm rotors and front rotor guard.
Controller 1400W controller with IP67 rated connectors.
Battery Sealed, 50.4v nominal 20Ah lithium battery with LED status indicators.
Motor OSET BLDC with position encoder.
Safety Patented OSET magnetic kill switch with lanyard.
Adjustment Integrated keypad, with adjustable speed, power and throttle response.
Throttle Dual sensing twist type.

Taking Fun Seriously