Introducing the all-new TXP range

The TXP-20 & TXP-24 are game changers.

Introducing our cutting-edge electric children's motorbike featuring ground up re-designs, addressing every component, we have left nothing out in our desire to produce the very best ride. The brushless drive trains deliver more power, whilst simultaneously being much smoother and intuitive. Greater capacity in our batteries and higher efficiency result in increased run-time, allowing for longer rides.

The chassis' are lighter, with improved geometry. The weight of the motors has been shifted to the main chassis, for a much lighter feel and vastly reduced un-sprung weight. Their full-length air forks and beefy rear air shocks are adjustable in seconds. Even the tyres are all new custom OSET units that make a really big difference.

From top to bottom, our electric children's motorbikes are designed to excel. Experience the difference for yourself—no stone has been left unturned in our pursuit of the perfect ride!

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TXP 20.14


The TXP-20 is a HUGE step up. A truly amazing machine.


TXP 24.13


The hottest bike in the OSET range just got a whole lot hotter...




Experience the thrill of youth motorbike trials! Young riders conquer daring obstacle courses, mastering balance and technique. It's an exhilarating journey of skill development and sportsmanship in a thrilling, safe environment. And what sets our TXP range apart is its electric power, specifically tailored for youth trials.

You'll find yourself embraced by the vibrant and supportive OSET community, where various events and competitions are organised with riders of all ages and ability in mind. Why not join this dynamic community and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of trials riding.

Discover the joy of electric motorbike trials on the TXP range.


Adventure awaits... The joy of exploring offroad on an OSET is the thrill of a visceral connection to the wild, where every twist and turn reveals a new dimension of excitement and discovery. As the quiet hum of our electric motorbike allows nature's sounds to be heard as unspoiled landscapes reveal their rugged beauty.

Electric offroad motorbiking offers an exhilarating connection to the wild, where each turn uncovers new dimensions of excitement and environmentally responsible discovery.


With the TXP range offering instant torque, you can effortlessly accelerate, making it perfect for tricks and stunts. As you navigate ramps, jumps, and curves, the absence of engine noise enhances the sensation of speed and freedom.

It's an eco-friendly adrenaline rush, where the fusion of electric power, technical skill, and the sheer joy of riding creates a dynamic and exhilarating playground for those seeking adventure and excitement.

Ride it your way

New keypads offer lockable speed, power and response settings.
Improved brakes, throttle, handlebar protector, bar-ends and ball-ended brake levers.
A removable seat included in the box - which can be fitted in minutes.

Now you can setup the bikes for anyone in the family however they wish, for any riding occasion!

Ride it your way - whether for Trials, Xplore, or Play – the TXP range is ready!

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